WND (Elmo Birthday) and 4th of July

2011jun29031.jpg 2011jun29030.jpg 2011jun29029.jpg 2011jun29028.jpg
2011jun29027.jpg 2011jun29026.jpg 2011jun29023.jpg 2011jun29021.jpg
2011jun29020.jpg 2011jun29019.jpg 2011jun29018.jpg 2011jul04010.jpg
2011jul04011.jpg 2011jul04012.jpg 2011jul04013.jpg 2011jul04014.jpg
2011jul04015.jpg 2011jul04009.jpg 2011jul04008.jpg 2011jul04007.jpg
2011jul04006.jpg 2011jul04005.jpg 2011jul04004.jpg 2011jul04002.jpg



When I developed my next roll of film, I found two extra photos from the 4th of july.